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AbouT US

Queer for Adventure is an all queer (used as an umbrella term for the LGBTQ+ community), unofficial Dungeons & Dragons actual-play podcast that uses the Planescape setting from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (adapted to Fifth Edition D&D).

Originally a homebrewed, long-term campaign, we in the Queer for Adventure team noticed, despite the inclusiveness of Fifth Edition D&D, that there was a lack of explicitly queer content out there—the exact kind of content happening at our table.

So our podcast was born: by queer tabletop gamers, for queer and allied tabletop gamers.

Our story follows four unlikely friends-turned-adventurers (and proud shop owners):

  • Eldred, a nihilistic Elvish sorcerer hoping to have outlived his past.

  • FAIL/safe, a modron forge cleric learning what it means to be an individual.

  • Kith, a sarcastic musician searching for her treasured, stolen instrument.

  • Temerity, a teenage tiefling trying to be the master of her own destiny.

Together they travel the planes, survive in the City of Doors, and manage to have a good laugh. But The Multiverse is an infinitesimally big place, and you never knew where the next door might lead.